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Interfaith Marketplace Update:  Our prayers and thoughts go out to everyone in these trying times. Please stay safe, stay home, and stay healthy. We must all look after each other and, as we should at all times, treat everyone with compassion, love, and understanding.


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Festival Year Calendar Poster 2022

Festival Year Calendar Poster 2022

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Festival Year Calendar Poster 2022 NEW!




Once again, we are excited to make the the new Festival Year Calendar Poster 2022 available to you.

With its distinctive spiral calendar, the FY Poster for 2022 details the festivals and celebrations of twelve of the worlds Faiths and Beliefs. With this calendar you can either check the dates of festivals coming up by following the months round in the spiral center or look to a particular Faith or Belief section to see, not only when a particular celebration is, but also why it is celebrated. The columns to each side of the calendar provide further key information

This superb Festival Year Calendar Poster is designed for public spaces or reception areas in schools, hospitals and churches as a colorful celebration piece. 

The Festival Year Calendar Poster 2022 measures 23" x 33" and is printed on heavy art paper (240g/mē) with a satin gloss finish. It is produced in the United Kingdom and distributed by Interfaith Marketplace in the US.

Note on receiving your 2022 FY poster(s):  Interfaith Marketplace takes orders from US customers until the end of November, at which time we place our order with the United Kingdom publisher. The FY posters generally takes a couple of weeks to arrive at Interfaith Marketplace. We then send out to our customers (projected mid-December). Please call us if you have any questions: 1-877-525-8883 (PST)