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Share the Interfaith Spirit here!


Still time to get your 2020 Multifaith Calendar!  Interfaith Marketplace has proudly carried this invaluable educational interfaith resource for over 15 years and we know that you will find the faith observances and fabulous original artwork a wonderful addition to your home or work environment.


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Sacred Decor

Sacred space can be created in a home environment or use to enhance your workplace. With the following items you can bring in a spiritual remembrance and essence of that which offers a sense of sacredness in your life! It can be a special place for ritual and worship.

Creating and maintaining a postive energy flow within homes and buildings creates balance and a sense of belonging. Adding physical objects brings in harmony to sanctuary décors and reminds one of what is most important in their life – a beautiful transmitter of luminous energy!

These sanctuary décor items are also welcomed in hospital, prisions, universities and other places of work. Adding sacred essence to a gathering space invites them to be more vibrant, light-filled and refines the energy of harmony.
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  World Religions Tiles

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