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The Multifaith Calendar 2017 has arrived and they are beautiful! Order yours today!
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Multifaith Calendar 2017

Celebrating its 31st year, the 2017 theme invites us to look deeply at the overflowing abundance of love and compassion in each of our lives. It includes information about 14 faith groups and 370 significant religious and cultural occasions.

Excellent education resource for: faith leaders, educators, corporate managers and family home rituals.

There is no need for temples,
No need for complicated philosophies,
My brain and my heart are my temple,
My philosophy is kindess.

-Dalai Lama

I am in every religion as the thread through a string of pearls.
Whenever you see extraordinary holiness, know that I am there.

-The Rig Veda

It is our intention to provide tools that will guide you in experiencing the beauty in all the world's religions - both with your head and your heart! Some items will be for information while others for inspiration!

Imagine an old wagon wheel with a spoke for each faith. Each spoke is needed to hold the wheel as we turn on this interconnected journey! Join us in celebrating all religions!