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Interfaith Marketplace Update:  We are pleased to announce that our new Fulfillment Center is now located in Washington state. We are excited to have Kristy and Chris Williams join the Interfaith Marketplace team.


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Interfaith Long (Vertical) Banner

Interfaith Long (Vertical) Banner

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Interfaith Long (Vertical) Banner NEW!



Honor the many faiths of the world with this magnificent Interfaith Vertical/Long Banner. The beautiful, hand batiked artwork conveys a vision for harmony amongst all religions.

This Interfaith Vertical/Long Banner is a visual celebration which includes six symbols of six of the world's spiritual traditions, designed for honoring all paths to truth with an elegant purple background and gold border.

Hindu Om: The OM is the sound of universal vibration.

Taoist Ying Yang: The eternal interplay between primal opposites of male/female, light/dark, etc.

Buddhist Prayer Wheel: The Buddha taught the eight-fold path to enlightenment, represented here by a wheel.

Hebrew Star of David: represents the union of God and the Shekina, the male and female energies in harmony.

Christian Cross: a Celtic form of the cross.

Islamic Moon and Star: The star of perfected light, which can be seen as the perfected human, and the receptiveness of the moon allows the light of the Divine in.

Sikh Khanda: The circle of unity contains the double edged sword representing the power of truth, and is surrounded by two curved daggers, representing the act of willingness to defend the faith.

Measuring approx. 10 wide x 45 long, this Interfaith Vertical/Long Banner has a top sleeve pocket, perfect for hanging on the wall as a welcoming to any place of worship. It also makes a lovely gift!

Care instructions... The design is Rayon handmade Batik produced by an expert Balinese artisan. The banner comes folded and any wrinkles can be removed with a delicate/cool setting iron. It is hand washable and line/hang drying is recommended.