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Interfaith Marketplace Update:  We are pleased to announce that our new Fulfillment Center is now located in Washington state. We are excited to have Kristy and Chris Williams join the Interfaith Marketplace team.


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Multifaith Calendar 2024

NOW AVAILABLE!  Proudly in its 38th year, the new 2024 Multifaith Calendar celebrates the self-reflection and synergy of unity of Reclaiming Our Happinessilluminating hope, teamwork, community, and mutual support and respect towards continuing to build hope for the future.

Our new Calendar includes easy to read design elements, 23 pieces of stunning original art, as well as updated and detailed information for 14 faith traditions and more than 470 significant religious and cultural occasions / observances and UN events. An invaluable education resource for: faith leaders, educators, the workplace, and family/home discussion and celebration.

Wise people know that what is here, is also there;
that what was, will also be.
They see unity, not division.

-The Upanishads

We must be the change we want to see in the world.

-Mahatma Gandhi

It is our intention to provide tools that will guide you in experiencing the beauty in all the world's religions - both with your head and your heart! Some items will be for education while others for inspiration!

Our service and attention doesn’t end after your order. Keep informed and up-to-date on interfaith events as well as new Interfaith Marketplace products / specials by visiting our web site or Twitter account often.

Join us in celebrating all religions!