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Interfaith Marketplace Update:  Our prayers and thoughts go out to everyone in these trying times. Please stay safe, stay home, and stay healthy. We must all look after each other and, as we should at all times, treat everyone with compassion, love, and understanding.


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Interfaith Stole - Purple

Interfaith Stole - Purple

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Interfaith Stole - Purple 



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Our purple Interfaith Stole measures 4” x 6’ in length and features the symbols of 12 major religions in different colors on a purple and gold background: evoking a cool, calming effect which lends itself to a quiet, reflective mood. Purple is the color closely associated with penance and healing. 

A colorful and vibrant vestment, this wonderful cotton garment is appropriate for those celebrating a wide variety of rites of passage. Our purple Interfaith Stole is handmade in Bali and is popular among clergy, ministers, deacons, hospice workers, post-secondary Religious Life offices and many more who support and live diversity.

The faiths represented on this Interfaith Stole include: (top right) Judaism, Islam, Tao, Jain, Buddhism, Baha’i; and (top left), Christianity, Sikhism, African Goddess, Hinduism, Native American and Wiccan.

For a more detailed description of our stoles, as well as care and handling instructions, click here.