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Interfaith Marketplace Update:  We are pleased to announce that our new Fulfillment Center is now located in Washington state. We are excited to have Kristy and Chris Williams join the Interfaith Marketplace team.


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Sunshine Card Set

Sunshine Card Set

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Sunshine Card Set NEW!



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The Sunshine Card set was created with the intention of helping children find and keep their inner guidance.

These cards help kids pay attention to that Inner Buddy and recognize the messages they hear when they take time to really listen. They’re asked to notice how they feel inside their bodies - when they eat healthy food and get enough sleep and to take time with the emotions they feel and ways to talk about them. They’ll notice what it’s like to be on the earth with the animals and plants and how they can help take care of our planet. They’re invited to notice the people the in their lives - how are we the same, different and what’s it like to love and help each other.

School Counselors, teachers and Psychotherapists find these cards helpful in the classroom and in a session. Parents and caregivers use the cards as a way to connect and have conversations. Kids like to play with them on their own, especially if they can read. The set contains 58 cards with each measuring 5" x 3.5".