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Interfaith Marketplace Update:  Our prayers and thoughts continue to go out to everyone as we open our hearts and look to build our future together. Please stay safe and stay healthy. We must all look after each other and, as we should at all times, treat everyone with compassion, love, and understanding.


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Sacred Crop Circle Symbols Interfaith Banner

Sacred Crop Circle Symbols Interfaith Banner

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Sacred Crop Circle Symbols Interfaith Banner NEW!



Enhance meditation and healing work and help tune each subtle energy center...

Crop circles are mysterious and beautiful designs that appear in fields of grain all around the world, as many as 300 per year. There is great debate about who the artists are, but their spiritual and scientific meanings are significant.

Our Sacred Crop Circles Symbols Interfaith Banner is a compilation of lovely mandalas appropriate for each chakra which have appeared in crop circle art over the years. Our Balinese artist Amara has compiled them into one design and added her own colors, in keeping with traditional Hindu color schemes.

There are six flags represented on this banner, with each flag measuring 9" square.

Care instructions...  The design is Rayon handmade Batik produced by an expert Balinese artisan. The banner comes folded and any wrinkles can be removed with a delicate/cool setting iron. It is washable and line/hang drying is recommended.